Obtaining Just Compensation for McAllen Hailstorm Victims

Your Settlement For The McAllen Hailstorms

This spring,  McAllen, Texas and the surrounding area were battered by several of the most severe hailstorms on local record. The March 29, 2012 storm tore through the area with powerful gale-force winds which brought down trees and flattened the landscape. Moving slowly, the storm began to pelt the area with ice. Hailstones the size of baseballs broke windows and windshields, tore into roofs and ruined property. Uncharacteristically, the hailstorm seemed to hover over the area and lasted much longer than forecasters expected. By the time the skies finally cleared, hail had accumulated to a depth of 6 inches. And several weeks later, on April 20, 2012, similar storms revisited the area causing even more harm.  If you live in or around McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr or Mission, chances are high that your property was damaged.

Of course, most residents have insurance to hopefully protect them from this kind of damage. When hail racks an area, roofs and siding can be severely damaged. If left unrepaired this damage can lead to leaking within buildings and homes, degrade roofs and siding, and eventually harm property to the point of lowering its value.  This is why every reputable commercial and homeowners insurance policy includes coverage for severe storm damage. Storm damage is one of the most costly surprise expenses a building owner can face, and an insurance policy can become a lifeline in this time of need. Unfortunately, when the worst happens many insurance companies try to dodge the bill. At Doyle Raizner, we refuse to let that happen. Solving McAllen commercial roof disputes is a priority for us. Contact us today at (888) 571-1001 for your free consultation.

Insurance Companies Improper Tactics

Insurance companies use a variety of improper tactics to avoid paying for damage, even if it’s fully covered by the policy. Homeowners and business owners can spend years faithfully paying their premiums and staying in good standing with their insurer. But just because the policyholder does their fair part doesn’t mean the insurance company will always do the same. Insurance companies frequently try to get out of paying claims, often using very aggressive or misleading tactics to do so. The attorneys of Doyle Raizner are familiar with these tactics and know how to handle them.

One of the most common and hurtful strategies employed by insurance companies is to blame the victim of the property damage. When a claims adjuster visits a property that’s been hit by hail, she/he will note any wear and tear or maintenance issues on the roof, siding and the rest of the property. Insurance companies use this as a basis to frame the homeowner as neglectful, and to claim the damage was pre-existing before the hail storm. This tactic can be particularly hurtful because it accuses the property owner of causing the damage and makes them feel like they’ve forfeited their right to coverage. Nothing could be further from the truth: If you have insurance and your home or business was damaged by hailstorms, you have a right to fair insurance payments.

Insurance companies will also try to avoid payment by claiming that there’s no real damage, or that the damage isn’t severe enough to need repair. This tactic is particularly problematic because not only can it cost a homeowner their claim money, it also convinces them that damage can go untended – leading to even bigger problems later. Shingled roofs may not show much damage on the outside, but heavy hail can still weaken the underlying structure, leading to serious hidden damage and leaks later on.

Insurance companies will rely on the word of their “expert” inspectors to determine whether a claim is justified, but these inspectors do not have your best interests at heart. Since they’re paid by the insurer, not by the insured, their incentive is to downplay the severity of damage whenever possible. Doyle Raizner LLP has access to experienced, professionally trained investigators who can document the real damage to a property and shed light on the insurance company’s report.

Get Legal Help Today

If your property was damaged in the McAllen hailstorms or any other severe weather, don’t accept anything less than the full benefit of your insurance policy. If your insurance company offers you a check for only part of the damage, or an amount that is too low to make the repairs, don’t take it and sign away your rights – seek legal counsel immediately.

Doyle Raizner is now handling claims for the McAllen hailstorm. We are determined to help you get the money and assistance your insurance company owes you. Don’t allow yourself to lose out on the benefits you paid for. Contact us today at (888) 571-1001 and see how we can help you today.


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