Defending the Rights of Injured Oilfield Workers

Gulf Coast Lawyers for Oil Field Injury Victims Worldwide

Oil and gas exploration and production is a familiar part of the maritime landscape and an essential component in the economy of South Texas and the Gulf Coast. The drilling industry provides many thousands of high-paying jobs in our area and for those working oil fields around the world, from the waters off Alaska and the U.S. Northwest to South Africa, West Africa, the North Sea, Antarctica and beyond.

Our attorneys understand the operations, responsibilities and nuances of oil and gas drilling, exploration and production, related industries — and we urge you to contact us if you need legal counsel after an injury or family tragedy. At Doyle Raizner, our knowledge of the risks faced and injuries suffered by oil field workers around the world can be a tremendous asset if you believe you deserve monetary compensation for an injury under the Jones Act or other laws.

International Litigators and Negotiators Who Understand Your Industry

Whether the injury that has altered your life occurred at sea or on shore, on an offshore drilling rig, tanker, fixed platform or elsewhere — as a roughneck or in the skilled and risky work environment of a dive boat — we are prepared to investigate and pursue all appropriate means of legal recourse. We have achieved positive results for workers injured on several continents and in waters thousands of miles from our main office in Houston.

Some of our many case successes have involved:

  • Securing a confidential, multimillion-dollar settlement for a refinery worker who suffered severe burn injuries in a March 2000 explosion and fire
  • Obtaining a seven-figure jury verdict and substantial monetary compensation for a seismic gun mechanic who suffered head injury and cervical disc (spinal) injuries aboard a WesternGeco vessel
  • Achieving a multi-million dollar jury verdict, and subsequent settlement, for a mooring master who sustained spinal and knee injuries during a ship to ship transfer in a personnel basket
  • Numerous other positive financial outcomes in cases involving vessel tank explosions, pipeline accidents, defective machinery, falls caused by negligence, exposure to toxic fumes in tanks, holds and other confined spaces, and other oil field and industry events
A general personal injury lawyer or even a solid maritime attorney may not have the specific oil exploration and production industry knowledge to skillfully pursue your claim.

Having negotiated assertively and litigated tenaciously in court on behalf of oil field workers injured in areas from the Galveston Gulf Coast to foreign oil fields and waters, we have this essential industry-specific knowledge and we are here to help you in your attempt to recover monetary compensation.


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