Offshore Helicopter Accidents

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As widely respected, internationally known lawyers for oil field workers and others who work at sea, we have handled numerous personal injury and fatality cases arising from offshore helicopter accidents. We are intensely familiar with various forms of negligence that can lead to such a tragic event, and well prepared to investigate and evaluate your case for recovering monetary compensation.

Directly relevant knowledge of aircraft, aviation issues, and the laws intended to protect aircraft passengers and maritime workers may be absolutely essential to pursuing your claim after an offshore helicopter accident. We encourage you to call or e-mail us today if you have suffered injuries yourself, lost a family member, or are an attorney who wants skilled representation for your client.

Advocates for Injured Maritime Workers and Other Helicopter Crash Victims

At Doyle Raizner, our attorneys’ ability to prepare and vigorously pursue offshore helicopter personal injury and wrongful death claims encompasses:

  • Crashes and violent “auto rotation” water landings involving oil rig or other maritime crew members being transported to or from their vessel by chopper — potentially covered by the Jones Act or other specific federal or state laws
  • Injuries suffered on medical helicopters or in crashes occurring when a maritime worker needs emergency fly-in due to an offshore injury or serious illness
  • International and transnational litigation

The causes of offshore helicopter accidents are diverse and often complex, ranging from weather radar or other equipment failure to pilot error related to inadequate training. We have been successful proving negligence and liability on the part of:

  • Helicopter operators serving the oil and shipping industries along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere throughout the world
  • Aircraft manufacturers such as Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky
  • Component part manufacturers, whether specialty manufacturers or large multinational companies such as GE or Rolls Royce
A Brazoria County jury determined that Houston Helicopters, Inc. must pay damages to a Foxworth, Mississippi, man for injuries he suffered in the downing of a Sikorsky 76A rig helicopter in the Gulf of Mexico on September 6, 2005. Ten passengers and two crewmembers survived the crash, but were not rescued for over seven hours due to the failure of Houston Helicopters to properly track and communicate with its aircraft. The Plaintiff sustained chemical burns and physical injuries that required spinal surgery. Following a stipulation of liability, the case was tried on damages, and the jury returned its verdict in favor of Doyle Raizner LLP’s client on February 15, 2008.

Based in the Gulf Coast and Handling Offshore Accident Cases Around the World

At Doyle Raizner, we recognize the pressing needs of the injured and their families, and we strive to expedite your case and achieve monetary compensation. Whether you are grieving a family member or coping with head injuries, spinal injuries or other severe consequences after an offshore helicopter accident, we are here to help. please contact us to speak with a proven trial lawyer who has substantial experience handling aviation and serious personal injury cases.


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