News Helicopter Accidents

Lawyers for News Media Workers Involved in Helicopter Accidents

Covering the news by helicopter has clear risks, but media companies and aircraft operators are obligated to protect both passengers and pilots by observing fundamental laws and taking all necessary safety measures.

If you suspect that a form of negligence may have contributed to your recent news helicopter crash or airborne accident, please contact an experienced aviation injury attorney at Doyle Raizner. Our firm is a trusted legal resource in the Houston area, across Texas and throughout the world. We empathize with your pain or tragic loss and will exercise diligence in evaluating your case against a helicopter operator, manufacturer, or another responsible party.

Finding and Exposing Negligence to Obtain Compensation for Injury Victims

As we do in other types of aviation accidents, our legal team will enlist expert resources as necessary to fully investigate the crash that has altered your life. We know from experience with numerous offshore helicopter and fatal accident cases that liability may rest with or be shared among parties including:

  • Your employer — such as a news service, photography or video company, or television or radio station
  • The helicopter operator or “air taxi” service if such a third party was involved
  • The manufacturer of the aircraft or a defective part or system that malfunctioned in flight, at takeoff, or during an attempted landing
  • An aircraft maintenance provider negligent in repair or service of the chopper

Our Diligence and Reputation as Versatile Trial Lawyers May Benefit You

We have achieved many substantial trial verdicts and negotiated settlements to benefit the seriously injured and families tragically harmed by a wrongful death due to negligence. Our collaborative team of lawyers also has proven, in-depth knowledge of insurance law and a track record of success in workers’ compensation bad faith claims filed for those whose valid claims are denied, delayed, or otherwise handled unfairly.

Covering news, traffic and weather by helicopter is a high-pressure occupation. You or your loved one may have fallen victim to maintenance shortcuts, lack of diligence in pilot training/hiring, a radar weather failure, an aircraft transmission problem or any of a vast range of other equipment problems and other factors.

To consult an attorney dedicated to seeking the truth and addressing your potential case with your medical and financial needs constantly in view, call or e-mail our respected law firm now.


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