International Maritime Injuries

Maritime Injury Lawyers for International and Transnational Claims

If you are a U.S. citizen injured while working overseas in oil exploration, shipping, or another maritime industry occupation, your rights to pursue and obtain monetary compensation can be very intimidating and uncertain to decipher. This is equally true if you are a citizen of a European or other foreign county hurt while working offshore for a United States-based corporation — whether on an oil platform, cargo ship or other type of vessel.

Please contact us if you have questions about a maritime accident far from home or another type of international personal injury claim. At Doyle Raizner, we are not intimidated by legal complexities or by powerful companies with vast resources. We will consider your serious injury claim against a U.S. company regardless of where in the world the accident occurred, seeking the most appropriate venue and approach to obtaining the compensation you need.

A Reputation Extending Across Borders and Oceans

We have consciously built and structured our firm to handle strong but challenging cases other attorneys turn down due to complexity and potential costs. Maritime injury cases can be challenging to investigate and pursue in their own right, and we have a track record of sizeable settlements and verdicts in this area of law plus advantages such as:

  • A team of lawyers knowledgeable on legal systems outside the U.S. and comfortable working with non-U.S. advocates, barristers and attorneys
  • Strong, longstanding connections to maritime law resources in the United Kingdom and elsewhere
  • A solid U.S. and international base for referrals of maritime injury cases, enabling us to consolidate travel and other costs
We have deep experience untangling complex employer/employee relationships and employment contracts in order to establish liability for a maritime injury and bring cases into the U.S. court system — where damage recoveries are often far more likely to make a real difference for the injury victim or family of a deceased worker.

Turn to a Proven Legal Team for Sound Guidance and Strong Advocacy

Our offices are in Houston and Galveston, Texas, but our dedicated attorneys travel frequently to the U.K. and other global destinations to meet clients and build strategic claims holding employers accountable for negligence. To consult a lawyer prepared to evaluate and aggressively pursue your international injury claim, call or e-mail us today.


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