Insurance Disputes

Filing Claims to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable in Texas and Worldwide

In a range of situations critical to people’s health, future and overall well-being, our opponent in litigation is usually an insurance company. Individuals and families come to us when the insurers they depend on for help in a crisis wrongfully deny their claims, delay payment, block recovery and keep premiums and money that does not belong to them, or make only “low-ball” offers. We oppose and vigorously challenge insurance companies’ intense focus on profitability regardless of the human consequences.

If you are involved in a significant insurance dispute and believe the company is treating you unfairly, please contact us at Doyle Raizner for a no-risk consultation. Wrongful claim denials, unreasonable delays, and certain other acts may constitute insurance bad faith — and rectifying these injustices by filing claims is a key focus for our team of experienced attorneys.

Aggressive in Litigation Against Companies That Commit Insurance Bad Faith

Our lawyers bring together valuable, in-depth knowledge of state and federal insurance laws, along with decades of insurance-defense experience providing valuable insight into the workings and strategies of our opponents. We have built an excellent track record in cases arising from:

Representing Individuals and Businesses in Complex Insurance Disputes

Our firm’s focus is to understand the roadblocks and obstacle courses the insurance industry purposefully created to keep insurance premiums instead of paying claims. Unlike other firms, we have repeatedly taken insurance companies to trial before a jury when they shirk their responsibilities to our community. Among our significant cases, you will find several of our sizeable successes for people whose workers’ compensation, Jones Act insurance and other benefits were withheld or denied in acts of bad faith.

McAllen Hail Damage Disputes

Baseball-sized hail pelted parts of McAllen on March 29, 2012. Combined with strong winds and drenching rain, several McAllen businesses sustained roof and structure damage. Some insurance companies have been slow to react to hail damage claims, sometimes denying claims altogether. Doyle Raizner is representing businesses that have McAllen hail damage disputes with commercial insurers.

If you believe your insurance company is acting in bad faith, contact us today.


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