Hail Claim Damage Disputes

Homeowners’ Hail Claim Damage Disputes

Property owners who have taken out homeowners’ insurance policies to protect their home or residence reasonably expect to be protected in the event of an unexpected hailstorm. Unfortunately, policyholders suffering from hail damage often face difficulties recovering what they are entitled to under their policy.

Recovering From Hail Damage

Not only can hail cause obvious damage to the physical structure of your residence, it can also cause lasting damage to roofing granules/shingles and aluminum siding. This can reduce the overall lifespan of your property, requiring extensive repairs or even replacement. In many instances, insurance companies will claim it should pay for only a few repairs to be made—even when entire parts of the roof or siding need to be replaced.

After a disaster such as a hailstorm, insurers will often attempt to deny, dispute, or delay valid claims for property damage. Insurers may point to any number of excuses for refusing to pay out on a homeowners’ policy, including:

  • Arguing that pre-existing damage existed

  • Claiming that poor construction or maintenance of the property contributed to the loss

  • Undervaluing the loss or damage to your residence

  • Insisting that the damage only requires minor repairs and not replacement

  • Refusing to pay for expenses related to repairs or debris removal

If you have experienced any of these actions by your insurer, you may need an attorney who can help you stand up to your insurer and get the compensation you deserve on your hail damage claim.

Get Help For Your Hail Damage Claim

If your residence has suffered hail damage and your claim has been denied, delayed, or disputed by your homeowners’ insurer, an experienced insurance litigation attorney can help. Attorneys at Doyle Raizner have earned recognition as a preeminent law firm helping homeowners throughout the nation fight against insurance companies operating in bad faith.

Recent Texas Hailstorms

The violent storms that wreaked havoc on South Texas in March 2012 triggered many insurance claims. Hail damage disputes have surfaced in the wake of insurance claims that have been denied or minimized in the following locales:




Rio Grande

South Texas

Amarillo Texas Hail Storm Claim Dispute Lawyer

Contact Doyle Raizner today for a free initial consultation on your residential hail damage claim. We handle all bad faith insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis, so you will not pay attorney’s fees unless we help you recover. Allow us to help you get you the compensation you are entitled to.


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