Cruise Ship Employee Injuries

Seeking Monetary Compensation for Injured Cruise Ship Employees

Cruise ship employees face many of the same risks and hazards encountered by other maritime workers. Employer negligence is common — in vessel maintenance and adherence to labor and maritime laws intended to protect workers — and we are prepared to investigate and prove liability in cases arising from falls, assaults, and other catastrophic events at sea.

Based in Houston and Galveston, Texas, yet with extensive experience handling international cases and bringing injury claims into U.S. courts, we at Doyle Raizner are here to help you after a serious mishap or catastrophic event strikes you while working aboard a cruise ship. For the employees and families we have represented, we have achieved positive results including numerous multimillion-dollar settlements for medical, financial and other damages.

Maritime Lawyers With a Firm Grasp of the Laws Applicable to You

Whereas a cruise ship passenger must typically file his or her injury claim in Florida, Washington, or another state from which the ship sailed, cruise ship employees are protected by different laws. This is a key fact when pursuing monetary compensation on your behalf — provided you are represented by an attorney and firm that fully understands your rights as a cruise ship employee.

Our experience and success range across maritime injury cases involving:

  • Kidnappings, assaults, uprisings and pirate attacks at sea
  • Drownings and other fatal maritime accidents
  • Serious injuries to cruise ship crew members and service personnel that can include career-ending or otherwise crippling brain injuries and spinal, neck and back injuries
  • Burn injuries resulting from fires and explosions
  • Slip-and-fall accidents with serious long-term consequences

Overcoming Employer Denials and Other Challenging Obstacles

As an injury victim or grieving family, you may face difficulties such as refusal of the cruise line to acknowledge or report the accident, insistence that you signed a liability release or other document that limits your right to file a claim for monetary compensation, or denial that your injuries are serious. In addition, your case may be more complex because the ship is registered in a country other than the United States. We will evaluate all such circumstances and identify strategies for overcoming them.

Whatever the tactics of your employer or other liable party, and wherever in the world catastrophe struck, our skilled, accomplished lawyers will not be intimidated. To discuss your potential case and legal options, please contact Doyle Raizner today.


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