Commercial Roof Claim Disputes

Texas Commercial Property Damage Attorneys

Business owners who own their own commercial property know the story too well. After suffering roof damage in a windstorm, hailstorm, hurricane, or tornado, the owner is denied an insurance claim because of the age of the roof. The adjuster often points to minor provisions, stating that the building owner is responsible for general repair, replacement, or maintenance of the roof. It is not unusual for an insurance company to deny a roof damage claim based on the age of the roof, even though nothing is specifically noted in the policy provisions.

Doyle Raizner LLP is your bad faith insurance litigation law firm serving South Texas. We know the tactics insurance companies often use to deny claims and we counter with successful strategies, including hiring professional roofing engineers to fully inspect the nature of the damage to find clear, physical evidence of property damage covered under terms of the policy.

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We have experience representing owners of all types of commercial buildings, including:

  • Flat-roofed retail shopping malls and strip centers
  • Pitched-roof churches
  • Steel-frame industrial buildings
  • Skyscrapers and multistory industrial buildings
  • School and government buildings
  • Warehouses

We Hire Independent Roofers, Contractors and Engineers to Determine the Damage

When we handle property insurance claims, we don’t just take the estimates provided by insurance adjusters. We actively investigate opinions from contractors and independent adjusters and do an independent evaluation. We get a very detailed comprehensive estimate on the real damage and how much we should seek in claim compensation. Our use of professional experts, contractors, and engineers sets us apart from other insurance litigation firms.

What Do You Do to Recover the Cost of Lost Business?

Business owners whose structures have received significant damage during a storm shouldn’t have to overcome hurdles and obstacles when seeking  just compensation from their insurance company. Those who find themselves having to file commercial hail roof damage claims deserve whatever is necessary and due to them under their insurance contract. It is the responsibility of insurance companies to provide the insured business owners with whatever is necessary to bring their businesses back up to pre-storm and pre-damage integrity. However, some insurance companies may not always do what is fair or right, and they sometimes become resistant to adequately compensating their policy holders. If you have to file a commercial hail roof damage claim and find yourself fighting for compensation, don’t do it alone. Call Doyle Raizner today to learn how we can help you compel your insurance provider to do what is fair!

If you own a commercial building in Texas and have had your claim for roof damage denied by your insurance carrier, you may have a legitimate claim for a bad faith insurance lawsuit. Talk to a lawyer on our commercial insurance litigation team right away. To discuss your commercial roof damage claim and legal options, please contact us today. From our offices in Houston and Galveston, our lawyers represent clients throughout Texas.

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