Commercial Disputes with Nationwide Insurance

Denied Commercial Insurance Claim Attorneys

Many thousands of businesses across Texas count on Nationwide Insurance to cover their commercial property. Some property owners faithfully pay on commercial policies for years, only to learn that Nationwide is recognized as a tough negotiator when it comes to paying on commercial roof damage and other property loss claims.

Nationwide Insurance has earned a national reputation among commercial property owners for denying or delaying damage claims by policyholders. In many cases, the bad faith practices include stipulations that the property must continue to meet many of the same codes and maintenance standards over the lifetime of the policy. Nationwide adjusters often deny claims based on disrepair or age of the property, even if the property damage was not directly related to the upkeep or maintenance.

In one case of bad faith insurance, Nationwide sent a property adjuster to inspect an insured commercial building just one week before a hurricane was predicted to make landfall. When the hurricane struck and the policyholder filed a damage claim, Nationwide predictably denied payment, based on the assessor’s evaluation of the pre-existing disrepair of the roof.

Texas insurance regulations are clear: Insurance companies must prove that claims are denied, reduced or delayed based on parameters set forth in the policy. If you have experienced any of the following bad faith practices after filing a commercial property insurance claim with Nationwide Insurance, contact our lawyers today.

  • Denied claims for covered property
  • Cancelled policy, denied insurance renewal following a claim
  • Failure to promptly pay claims
  • Denied claim based on age or disrepair of property
  • Excessive reporting requirements and record keeping
  • Minimum property value assessment and settlement offer

We Hire Independent Roofers, Contractors and Engineers to Determine the Damage

When we handle property insurance claims, we don’t just take the estimates provided by insurance adjusters. We actively investigate opinions from contractors and independent adjusters and do an independent evaluation. We get a very detailed comprehensive estimate on the real damage and how much we should seek in claim compensation. Our use of professional experts, contractors, and engineers sets us apart from other insurance litigation firms.

Representing Nationwide Policyholders With Disputed Claims Across the U.S.

If you are a Texas commercial policyholder with Nationwide Insurance and have had difficulty receiving claims benefits after damage to your property, talk to an attorney on the commercial insurance litigation team at Doyle Raizner LLP with offices in Houston and Galveston. Our team of insurance litigation professionals has decades of experience giving voice to policyholders who face insurance companies operating in bad faith.

Learn more about our commercial insurance litigation success at Significant Cases.

To discuss your claim and legal options, please contact us today. From our offices in Houston and Galveston, our Nationwide Insurance claims litigation attorneys represent clients throughout Texas.


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