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Windstorm Damages Attorney

Homeowners generally trust that their insurance coverage will protect their major investment and compensate them fairly if a hurricane, other windstorm, hailstorm or fire strikes. Unfortunately, many in south Texas and along the Gulf Coast have learned otherwise in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike and other catastrophic events.

At Doyle Raizner in Houston, we are adept at evaluating homeowners insurance policies and insurers’ failures to deliver on their promises. In fact, partner Jeff Raizner serves as one of two attorneys acting as liaison counsel for Hurricane Ike victims throughout Harris County — and our Texas homeowners insurance dispute lawyers provide counsel and representation far beyond Texas for people struggling with high-value claims.

Advocates for Victims of Hurricanes, Other Storms and House Fires

In addition to windstorm claim disputes, we are familiar with the nuances of fire claim disputes, severe hailstorm damage claims and other problems that can arise after catastrophic events. Our experience extends to:

  • High-value disputes with leading homeowners insurance companies such as the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), Allstate and State Farm
  • Overcoming a full range of insurer strategies and tactics for denying, delaying or low-balling your claim, such as blaming the damage on you
  • The use of quality investigators, engineers and property valuation experts to substantiate the validity and amount of your claim

Targeting the Full Benefits of Your Coverage, So You Can Move Forward

You deserve the full benefit of the homeowners insurance coverage you bought and paid for. Texas insurance law supports that conviction, clearly prohibiting many forms of profit-motivated insurance company conduct.

You may be outraged as well as extremely frustrated if your homeowners claim has been denied or you cannot get a fair settlement offer — especially if the reason given is that you did not maintain your home properly and caused the damage yourself. Under the law, you should not have to somehow prove you are telling the truth; instead, the insurer must act in good faith and pay the full, fair amount of the claim unless it has a legitimate reason.

Contact Us for Defense of Your Finances, Integrity and Future

From hurricane damages to fire loss, we are focused on holding homeowners insurance companies accountable to the individuals and families they serve.

Fast action can be important. To discuss your claim problem and legal options, please contact our respected law firm now.

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